We're so happy to add another #informedSLP to the club :) 


We'd like to point out a few things:

1) Your Account

See the black "Your Account" button at the bottom of the page? That's where you edit your information, see billing, change contact info, or anything related to your account. Seeing that button also means you're in a secure location that non-members may not be able to see.

Looks like this: 

Your Account

See it at the bottom of the screen? OK, cool.


2) How to Find Stuff

See the menu at the very top of this screen? Looks like this: 

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That's where you click to switch back and forth between sections. This menu means you're in the members-only section of the website.

The Back to Home takes you to the free or "open" side of The Informed SLP. For example, you can learn more about our team there. 

3) Courses

Need ASHA CEUs (or if you’re Canadian, Australian, UK, or other SLT, continuing education hours)? We’ve got you covered! At the menu (top) click Courses to see what we have to offer.

Basically, our courses are sets of Evidence You Can Use reviews. So, really, it’s just a way for you to earn hours if you need them! We keep the prices super low for members (because you already have access to the reviews). So you can take what you need, when you need it.

Alternatively, you can add Unlimited Courses (for ASHA CEUs) to your membership:

4) Hang out with us!

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Finally, THANK YOU!

We just know you're going to love being here with us. Enjoy, and please contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

(Seriously on the suggestions. We exist to make evidence-based practice easier for you, so please do tell us how we can do it even BETTER!)