The way you LSA is totally outdated

Are you performing your Language Sample Analysis (LSA) calculations by hand?
And doing only a couple analyses (including MLU)?
Or avoiding LSAs entirely because you think they take longer than standardized testing?

Enough of that. There is free researched-based software available that does automated language sample analyses! It’s called Computerized Language Analysis (CLAN). Download the software and clinician's guidebook. There are two parts to the software: CHAT is for transcription; CLAN is the set of analysis commands. And there are a TON of articles available this month on how to use it:

Ratner & MacWhinney: Introduce both CLAN (well, “introduce” if you haven’t already read other papers on it) and the Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES). CHILDES is the child language section of the massive TalkBank database. Check it out if you haven't heard of it before; it can be a nice resource. Ratner and MacWhinney also give you the reasons why you should use LSA again if you're not. 
MacWhinney & Fromm: Describe how to use CLAN and introduce the reader to the newer utility, KIDEVAL. KIDEVAL automatically computes 26 different language analyses for your young client (the adult version is called EVAL), and analyzes many languages.
You can also take it a step further and do speech analyses with PHON (see Byun & Rose).
Eisenberg & Guo and Guo & Schneider: Show which language sample analyses are best for diagnosis, including FVMC (finite verb morphology composite) and PGU (percent grammatical utterances), among others.
Brundage et al.: Discuss how to use CLAN to quantify stuttering in bilingual children.