Perspectives & Tutorials

Last month, we highlighted a couple articles from ASHA’s Special Interest Group 1 about progress monitoring for language. Even more on that topic to share now! (Heads up: ASHA Journals’ website got a facelift! So don’t get confused when you click out!)

Psychometric Requirements of Oral and Written Language Progress Monitoring Assessments

What are we looking for in a good progress monitoring tool? Lots of stuff, as it turns out. Check out the flowchart on page 183 for an overview.

Narrative Speaking in Adolescents: Monitoring Progress During Intervention

Needing direction for your language therapy with older students? Read this one through for a hypothetical case study of assessment, goal-setting, intervention, and progress monitoring for an adolescent with DLD. Yes, language sampling is involved!

The Literate Lexicon in Adolescents: Monitoring the Use and Understanding of Morphologically Complex Words

Check this one out for a suggestion and example of a dynamic assessment task you could use with your older students who are struggling with morphologically complex, academic language.