*NEW*: Check out these perspective pieces!

Recall that The Informed SLP provides you with monthly reviews of empirical research (obviously... you're reading it right now!) This includes both quantitative and qualitative studies, levels 1a–3 (per ASHA). 

What hasn’t been covered to-date, however, are “Opinion” or “Perspective Pieces”Why doesn’t TISLP review perspective pieces? A few reasons: 1) they’re considered a lower level of evidence, 2) they tend to cover many points, referencing many different studies, rather than providing *a* new piece of evidence, which makes them tough to review in the TISLP style of brevity, and 3) these articles tend to be more readable by clinicians, so there's simply less need for a TISLP review. 

However! We're about to switch things up and, at least start TELLING you about these.
The thing is, if you're not reading these perspective pieces, you're really missing out. Many of them provide fantastic information for clinicians. So, as of January 2017, we've been collecting perspective pieces so that once every three months (or more often, if a bunch were published), we can provide you with links to the relevant ones. So—here ya go! January–March: