Need ASHA CEUs? We’ve got you covered!

A few times per year, we collect existing Evidence You Can Use reviews to build courses. These text-based courses are organized by topic, instead of month. You may read a course all at once, or start a course and come back to it later. After reading, you’ll take a quiz and receive a certificate of completion upon passing.

Note that these courses aren’t bundled into TISLP membership, but available à la carte. We keep membership and courses separate, so you can take only what you want, when you want it, and never pay for anything you don’t need!

On Birth to Three:

On Preschool & School-Age:

Course prices:

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  • All course purchases expire 12 months after purchase date.

  • Purchase single courses in course image links, above.

  • Or, purchase a members’ package here, or non-members’ package here.


Are these courses sets of previously-published Evidence You Can Use reviews?

Exactly. For members:

  • If you don’t need ASHA CEUs or continuing education hours, but simply want the information, you can save money and just use the topic drop-down or search box on the Early Intervention and Preschool & School-Age pages, instead. Email us if you need support:

  • If you do need ASHA CEUs or continuing education hours, this gives you a way to buy only what you need, in the years you need it!

For non-members:

This provides a way for you to earn evidence-based ASHA CEUs or continuing education hours, and also get a peek into what our membership content looks like!

Are all the Evidence You Can Use reviews in these courses?

No. Only some of them. So, for example, see the Early Intervention Strategies course, above? If what you really want is to see all our content on treatment strategies in early intervention, go to the “Treatment” topic drop-down on the Early Intervention page.

Do these courses come with audio and printable versions, just like the monthly Evidence You Can Use reviews?

Yes! You can listen to or print the courses upon purchasing.

Why are there fewer Birth to Three Courses, and no Adult courses yet?

We use our archives to build these courses. Birth to Three and Adults are more recently launched sections. It’ll be 2020 before we release Adult courses (built from research published in 2019).

After I purchase, how long do I have to take the course?

12 months.

Do you report these hours directly to the ASHA CE registry?

Yes! These are ASHA-approved continuing education courses. After you take your course, you'll have the opportunity to select if you want us to report course completion to the ASHA CE Registry, for ASHA CEUs. Note that if you tell us you don’t want ASHA CE reporting then change your mind later, we cannot retroactively apply it.

Not sure if you’re eligible to earn ASHA CEUs? Read more here.

How often do you report course data to ASHA? When will this show up on my ASHA CE Registry?

We report course data monthly. If you need something to show up on your ASHA CE Registry right away, please contact us so we can tell you our next reporting date!

What's required for course completion?

First, upon opening the course you’ll fill out a Reporting Info form so we have your ASHA ID and other information required to report to the ASHA CE Registry (or, you can select the box telling us you don’t need it reported to ASHA).

Then, after reading (or listening to) the course, you’ll take a quiz at the end. You must pass with an 80% (you may take the quiz up to three times if needed; if you do not pass the quiz after three tries, you won’t receive CE credit). You’ve officially completed the course once you pass the quiz. We also email you a downloadable/printable CE course certificate. If you track your own hours, the certificate is all you'll need.

I've taken several courses now, but can't remember which ones I’ve taken. How do I figure this out?

Look to the bottom right-hand side of this page. See the "Your Account" button? Click that, then click "View charge history". This will show you a list of everything you’ve taken. Also, you’ll know you took a course if when you go try to take the quiz it shows you’ve already completed the quiz!

I have a disability and (may) require accommodations in order to complete this course. How do I get help?

Please contact: We will follow up in your preferred method of communication (e.g. phone, email, or video conference). If reasonable accommodations will allow you to complete the course, we’ll make them! Accommodations are processed by the CE Administrator.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

If you purchase a course or package and are unsatisfied in any way, you may submit a refund request to In the refund request email, please state your name and reason for request. Refunds are processed within 14 days of receipt of request, and may be approved or denied at the discretion of the Continuing Education administrator.

If we need to cancel or remove a course from our website, and you’ve purchased it but haven’t had a chance to take the course, you will be issued a full refund within 30 days of course cancellation.

What is your complaint policy?

We welcome any opportunity to improve our website and service. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about our CE courses or the website in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Send general website issues, and any course questions or concerns to All complaints will be responded to within 24–72 hours.

What is your conflict of interest policy?

See here.

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