Clinicians can’t carry the responsibility of evidence-based practice on their shoulders alone.
— Meredith Poore Harold, PhD, CCC-SLP

What are the "Evidence You Can Use" reviews? 

A monthly collection of plain-language journal article reviews that can be read in 10 minutes or less, and that provide only the take-home messages that SLPs care about.

To write the Evidence You Can Use reviews each month, we pore through an average of 80–100 journal articles, looking for clinically relevant information. It's a tedious task to take that volume of information, and curate only the evidence you can use. To learn more about how we do it, see About. For examples, click a topic review page (menu, above) and look for an issue that has the red letters, "OPEN".


What do current members think?

Why did you join The Informed SLP?

"…I desperately want to keep current on research, but I struggle to do so without The Informed SLP…"

"It is by far the easiest way to stay informed of the latest research in a simple to understand format. I can't think of an easier way to do it!"

"Using evidence based interventions is a priority for me, but I don't even remember the last time I had time at work to commit to reviewing research."

"This is a great site to help stay on top of the latest research, without feeling completely overwhelmed."

"The reviews save me tons of time (I don't have to go searching for the articles myself), and the information included in each monthly issue is usually applicable to my work right away."

Short Answer: abstracts are written for scientists, and tell you absolutely nothing about whether or not the article is clinically useful. The reviews are written for slps, and explain exactly what's in the article that is clinically relevant.

"We are all busy. We have lives outside of work. The Informed SLP helps me stay up-to-date with current research and ensures I do not become complacent with my day-to-day work as an SLP now that I am out of grad school."

"It provides me with the easiest, most reliable form of up-to-date research that I can find. It's wonderfully written and succinct. It's the best resource I've discovered as a working SLP."

"I just love the whole concept of the Informed SLP. It makes evidence based practice much more realistic and achievable."

"I love the convenience of having access to a site that has vetted research relevant to my interests all in one place."

"It gives me peace of mind."

"I want to feel as up-to-date as I did when I was in grad school. The monthly reviews give me a very focused place to start my PD each month."

"I feel more confident in my clinical decision making armed with this knowledge!"

"It's like sitting down and talking with a very smart close friend."

"The Informed SLP does all the hard work (and in my opinion all the stuff that is not fun about reviewing research)! I just get to enjoy the results!"

"Joining The Informed SLP is a no-brainer. There is nowhere else to get research information in an easy-to-read format."

"I wanted to stay up to date with current research without having to read 15 page articles. Y'all do such a great job of summarizing everything to make it quick and easy to stay an informed SLP. I love it!"

"I carry a guilt for not reading/keeping up with evidence based materials as much as I should. This website helps to keep me more informed and up to date, provides me with new treatment ideas and gives me a great starting point for where to go when researching a specific topic/technique that's relevant to my practice."

"I have found that this provides me with information regarding materials that I would be otherwise unaware of."